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In November 2016 Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana use. On December 15, 2016 Mass residents were now allowed to grow up to 6 plants per person, 12 per household. At some point after January 2018 Retail sales will begin to take place. As all of these various markets and models begin to take shape we look forward to updating you here @ *Will have public posting at some point. we'll see how it goes. New to us as well.


  1. Well here we are folks, December 15 2016 has passed which means the growing and possession of marijuana, with specific limitations, legal in Massachusetts.

  2. Now that we have some things to talk about, growing, and medical dispensaries are closer to being sited on Cape Cod, see if any of our guests are interested in sharing thoughts. Please keep it clean and legal if you do.

  3. It's a funny thing, the new law. I have professionals, aunts, younger family and others on my personal social media, and I hesitate to mention marijuana, even when I had a medical marijuana card and it was perfectly legal. Wonder if folks will hesitate to identify themselves, even as it is legal, until it actually sets in. Retail sales wont begin until January 2018, at the earliest. Should make for an interesting year+ of new business models working their way into the market.. Massachusetts will get hooked on weed pretty quickly, 34% tax or something... just like RI with the gaming, and Mass to follow. A little ironic that it will be to states themselves with the biggest addictions from the two. So guesses I.

  4. We're hoping to explore some of the market with the website, for the medical marijuana market.... ( for the state, for employment). The medical dispensaries have 1st shot at the retail licenses under the law, and we wonder what happens to pricing pressure for the drug, when it can be grown, given (1 oz per mo), and sold Retail by a dispensary, and the OTHER side as Medical? They've GOT to reduce the crazy cost of medical, lest WHO will pay the state to buy at the Expensive side of the building?

  5. Public Safety: Boston Herald 12/22/16 “A 20-year-old Gloucester man who allegedly told cops he was driving high on weed when he slammed his car into the back of a packed school bus yesterday morning wasn’t charged with being stoned behind the wheel because authorities couldn’t immediately prove he was impaired, raising concerns that law enforcement doesn’t have the tools to deal with newly legal marijuana use. It’s a public safety nightmare that law enforcement officials and legislators warned about before recreational pot was legalized in the Bay State. “It was only a matter of time before this was going to occur somewhere,” Massachusetts Association of the Chiefs of Police Executive Director Mark Leahy said of yesterday’s crash.”.

    He claims it was only a matter of time before a crash occurred, yet the guy admits to being high, EVEN as you couldn’t prove he was impaired? It would perhaps be a better example, respectfully, if you could actually TELL or actually KNEW he was indeed impaired, by pot, before holding it out as an example. Think?

    Now I don’t claim to have any special expertise on this subject, and I agree there needs to be controls in place. But there were 12,941 DUI arrests in Massachusetts in 2015. Pot has been decriminalized for an oz or less in 2008, and people been smoking the stuff around the country for many years before that. Then they allowed medical use... and still we dont see the same issues, the same amount in instances as we do with legal booze. I’ve read more of confused driving ramming storefronts, with a legal license, than you hear of pot impaired accidents.

    Drunk & high on weed are two very different things. Nobody should be driving under either influence.. nor should you take too many painkillers, or drive with no sleep, or if your elderly and are becoming confused. Your apt to find some folks who drink & drive all the time but who will now switch to pot. That would include teachers, police officers, crooks and kids. Ask most people who you'd rather confront, or ask ME, and I’ll tell you I’d rather be dealing with someone who smoked some weed. he’s less apt to fight everyone for the car keys. My opinion.

  6. Boston Herald editorial:
    "Supporters of Question 2 tried to dress it up in questions of individual freedom and social justice — but it was always about one thing: establishing another beachhead for the profit-driven marijuana industry. Now the industry is openly celebrating the fact that the (intentional) loopholes in the law approved by Massachusetts voters are the very things that could make the commonwealth the world leader in “cannabis tourism.”

    Eh, who needs Cape Cod beaches anyway!

    So good news for the companies’ clients and potential clients: Come to Massachusetts, and the people will follow from, well, everywhere.

    “Unlike other places where cannabis is legal, Boston is within driving distance of many of the most populous places in America,” DeCarcer wrote. “This will make Boston the cannabis capital of the world in short order.”

  7. Already delaying Retail by 6 months!
    "Lawmakers delay key provisions of new Massachusetts pot law
    By BOB SALSBERG AP, 12:56 PM
    BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts lawmakers have voted to delay some key provisions of the state’s new recreational marijuana law.

    The House and Senate approved a bill Wednesday that pushes back by six months several upcoming deadlines in the voter-approved law.

    The measure that allows adults to possess and use limited amounts of recreational marijuana and grow up to a dozen plants in their homes took effect Dec. 15. The action by lawmakers does not change that. But it’s likely to push back the timeline for retail marijuana sales to begin in the state.

    The group that sponsored the ballot question said it is “very disappointed” with the Legislature’s vote, which occurred during lightly attended sessions.

    A spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Charlie Baker said he’ll review the bill before deciding whether to sign it."

  8. I don't see much communication or blogging going on here....

  9. Not much to talk about yet my friend. Less than two weeks since one could even begin to start growing, legally. Retail sales delayed until mid 2018, at best. Once get a few medical dispensaries, a few businesses pop up, it may be a different story. And i'm not sure many folks are ready to come out of the marijuana closet publicly. See how it goes.

  10. "Pay for the Bag, and the Weed’s Free: Massachusetts Man Tries Using Loophole to ‘Sell’ Marijuana"..

  11. "What better time to explore free market economics than right now in Colorado. We are watching the growth and maturity of the commodity, cannabis, take shape at lightning speed. In the “free” market of Colorado, major investment money continues to flood in, production is on overdrive, giants are emerging using economies of scale and many are foreshadowing a future economists call “oligopoly”.

    In two years the price per pound for wholesale flower has dropped by ⅔. The days of the $4,000 wholesale pound or the $499 ounce are gone and business owners are being forced to accept the fact that it is never coming back.:

  12. January 10, 2017. Not interested in the will of the voters, Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg noted during an interview on the Merrimack Valley's WCAP radio Tuesday morning, that the Legislature will consider reducing the current home growing limit of 6 marijuana plants per adult or 12 per household. Audio:

  13. U.S. Attorney General nominee Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions was evasive when asked about how he would approach legalized cannabis during the first round of his confirmation hearings yesterday, testifying that handling those cases “won’t be an easy decision.”

  14. - PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — It’s a green Monday in Maine.

    The first tangible results of state voters’ decision to legalize marijuana are being felt as possession and home growth of marijuana becomes legal.



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